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This face wash is great for a day when you're "on-the-go", don't have time to do your 3in1, or when you need to wash your face without all the extra time!

This combination of soap, and oil provides your face with a light yet deep clean, without leaving your face feeling raw or stripped of it's natural oil. Not only will you be able to keep a summertime glow year-round, but your face will feel fresh and hydrated before you apply your toner and oil!

Backed with trial testers of many faces, skin tones, and skin types, this may be one of our best products yet! Gift yourself a glow. In our 10 month testing trial, this facial cleaner has been shown to help with skin issues such as body acne, Eczema, and Psoriasis.

**NOTE this product has not been through and homogenization, so you must shake well before using! **


INGREDIENT LIST:Ā  Organic Castile soap, 100% pure grape seed oil, 100% pure vitamin E oil, pure Jojoba oil, 100% pure grapefruit oil, 100% pure bergamot

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