Glow and Go ‚ú®

Glow and Go ‚ú®

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Ready to glow? ūüĎÄ

pH restoration, and hydration in one convenient bundle!

Cleanse start by clean using your face with our Dark-Spot Face Wash! This combination of soap, and oil provides your face with a light yet deep clean, without leaving your face feeling raw or stripped of it's natural oil. Not only will you be able to keep a summertime glow year-round, but your face will feel fresh and hydrated before you apply your toner and oil!

Tone by using our Rose-Water Face Toner, as it helps cool irritations, keeps redness away, while grapefruit, and aloe Vera water help to balance out the skin's pH levels, and natural oils. In just 7-10 days watch the magic as you see the erasing of dark spots, tightened pores, a more defined natural glow, and less acne. 
Additional benefits include 

-Erasing dark spots

-Tightening pores

-Toning skin

-Preventing acne

-Enhancing natural glow

-Setting spray

Lock in moisture with our Face Oil, which is not your average face oil! It is designed to combat inflammation, provide hydration, banish blemishes, and aid in your overall skin glow, and health! After washing your face, leave your skin damp, apply your Jane’s Roses Rosewater Face Toner, and apply the oil, as oil penetrates damp skin better. The oil is designed for daily use, and is most effective on clean skin. 


This whole system is designed to improve tone, quality of health, and appearance within your skin!