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In a world full of chemically-loaded cosmetics, choosing a toner with nothing but 100% natural product is a no brainer. Rose water helps cool irritations, keeps redness away, while grapefruit, and aloe Vera water help to balance out the skin's pH levels, and natural oils.

In just 7-10 days of consistent use, watch the magic as you see the erasing of dark spots, tightened pores, a more defined natural glow, and less acne. This leaves you with an unbeatable glow, and feeling soft as a rose petals for an unbeatable price!

Benefits include...

-Erasing dark spots

-Tightening pores

-Toning skin

-Preventing acne

-Enhancing natural glow

-Setting spray

INGREDIENT LIST Fresh boiled Michigan Roses, Aloe Vera water, 5% Rose oil, 100% Geranium oil, 100% Grapefruit oil, vitamin E oil

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