Unscented body butter

Unscented body butter

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Like everything we make, healing comes first!

The same great benefits of our regular body butter, without any added fragrance! Unscented body butter is good for when you do not want to clash perfume or cologne fragrances, for people who have fragrance sensitivities, and those who simply prefer no fragrances in their products.

Used like all Jane’s roses body butter, this butter brings soothing, hydration, and locks moisture into the skin, while also providing your skin with a rapidly absorbed and effective coat of body butter. The butter is applied best straight out the shower, and paired with the any of our body scrub. For added hydration, try making it a try by using our rosemary rose body oil.

INGREDIENT LIST 100% Ghanaian White Shea Butter, Grapeseed oil, Castor oil, Organic beeswax