loofah! 局

loofah! 局

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Exfoliating Body Pad Features: 100% natural luffa and Terry cloth, non-sticky, compact skin, biodegradable. Skin exfoliation, deep cleansing, regeneration and polishing make skin look radiant, smooth and healthy. Deep body cleaning, face and back scrubbing sponge. bath sponge mens is mild, safe and effective for dry or dead skin. Both men and women can use it. It scrubs well and needs to be softened with water for a period of time. Then it's very suitable for showers or baths. A tape used to slide a hand under the hand rather than grasp it.

How to clean?
Your loofah should be cleaned once a week. Every few weeks, Luffa is soaked in 5% bleaching solution and rinsed thoroughly. Note: Bacteria can enter your skin through any incision, so you should not use your loofah in the affected area within a few days after shaving.

Regular replacement: Natural Luffa should be replaced once a month. If you find mold on it or produce mildew or mildew, please replace it immediately.


1. Please change it every four weeks.
2. Soak in water for a period of time before use.
3. Wash by hand only.
4. Rinse thoroughly after each use.